Where Leadership and Strategy Come Together



We believe that executive and team coaching for leadership is one of the most effective investments your organization can make in building the capacity you need to execute successfully. At GLP, executive coaching is an essential skill set in all that we do—whether consulting, facilitating, or training. Most leaders and groups can generate the answers they need to move forward but often welcome or need help identifying the right questions, tapping into their own strengths, or accessing the information they need to act decisively. We blend executive coaching skills and training with consulting and school and non-profit expertise to help clients:

  • Identify values and build vision
  • Explore options and strategic choices
  • Develop action plans; reflect on outcomes and hone strategy
  • Make and execute critical decisions
  • Build leadership capacity and skills

How Does Executive Coaching Strengthen Leadership?

Organizations today make a tremendous financial investment in the leadership search process. Yet, many transitions still falter, even fail, depriving schools and organizations of the robust, sustained leadership they require. By providing training and support during entry and transition along with consulting expertise and executive coaching, Boards invest not just in the search process but also in what follows and matters most: a successful transition and committed tenure.

As executive coaching has grown in the corporate world—and the benefit of investing in high-potential talent is recognized and demonstrated—the practice has expanded to the non-profit world as well. A rapidly changing external environment, together with a shortage of experienced leaders, is persuading governing boards of the advantage in offering both novice and experienced leaders, as well as leadership teams, professional coaching and development.