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Team Coaching

Team Coaching and Facilitation

Increasingly, the success of schools and organizations depends on high-functioning and collaborative leadership teams. As trained facilitators, GLP coaches excel at surfacing issues, helping teams converge around a shared vision, creating accountability and executing with purpose. We facilitate Board meetings as trustees tackle issues of succession, strategic planning and governance. Internally, we help schools assess and design effective leadership teams. Whether a group is managing a project, designing strategy, developing a new initiative, or managing change, GLP’s partners, bring outside objectivity, training and facilitation skills to ensure a robust process and effective outcomes.

How we help:

  • Partner with leadership teams to understand their objectives and group dynamics and to design a process for powerful collaboration and positive outcomes.
  • Encourage candid, active participation from every person in attendance in a structured, productive format so that all benefit from the broadest range of ideas, perspectives and concerns.
  • Stimulate new ways of thinking by examining old problems from new perspectives, challenging long-held assumptions and "sacred cows," and injecting the “outside world” into the conversation so teams can make strategic decisions and develop innovative approaches by leveraging the significant talent and expertise around the table.