Where Leadership and Strategy Come Together

Designing Strategy

We believe planning is where strategy and leadership come together in a dynamic process for designing the future, making decisions and executing effectively. We consult, facilitate and coach so your organization or school excels in a variety of strategic endeavors—from specific strategic “thinking” initiatives to comprehensive strategic planning efforts.

We’d like to help:

  • Develop a fresh approach to clarify who you are, what you value, and why that matters.
  • Translate that into a strategy and operating plan that aligns your actions with how you lead, organize, and measure—so your strategic plan becomes part of how you do what you do, every day.

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What People are Saying

Stephanie masterfully supported our community's self-reflection. She dedicated herself to learning about our school's unique strengths and challenges from the inside out. Because of her guidance, experience, and passion for education, we emerged with a strategic plan that will serve our students, unify our community, and secure us as a leading institution for years to come. - Kirk Greer, History Department Chair, Co-Chair of Strategic Planning, Latin School of Chicago