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Guiding Leadership Transitions

Strong leadership is essential to successful schools and not for profits, but is often centered in only one individual or a handful of people. When leadership is underdeveloped in both breadth and depth, organizations and schools are at risk. Stronger, more widely distributed leadership improves performance, strengthens culture, and protects your school or organization in times of transition—planned or unplanned.

Greenwich Leadership Partners has successfully coached and facilitated leaders and boards through numerous high stakes and complex transitions. We understand transition at every level and know how to help you develop your school or organization so that it is strong and flexible in any circumstance. Additionally, we are equipped to support you when situations do or must change—preparing you for a smooth transition or responding intelligently when the unanticipated happens.

We'd like to help:

  • Assess your school or organization’s leadership capacity
  • Understand the diverse interests of your stakeholders, anticipate their needs and communicate with them effectively
  • Plan constructively for succession, transition and change

What People are Saying

Transitions can provoke a range of reactions from excitement to anxiety. During my recent period of transition and change, I had the very good fortune and privilege of working with GLP. The personal executive coaching I received allowed me to harness my excitement and understand my concerns. My sessions were well structured and perfectly suited to my needs. Stephanie’s thoughtful insight as well as her follow-up, and ability to listen allowed me to organize my thoughts and proactively prepare for all aspects of my new challenge. Stephanie helped me to embrace my personal strengths so that I could plan with clarity. Our work together has had a lasting positive impact on my successful transition. - R. Dunn, Head of School, The Latin School of Chicago