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Managing Organizational Change

Not for profits and schools operate in a continuously changing landscape, so they must be versatile and adaptive learners. Globalization and the acceleration of digital technology are changing how we learn, work, compete, collaborate and develop resources. We know that successful and sustainable organizations are nimble and adaptive–but how do you stay flexible and keep everyone working together throughout the process?

GLP helps organizations—and their people—understand, embrace and adjust to change. Whether the challenge is to design and learn new ways of doing what you do, evaluate your talent needs, build new capacities, or radically rethink your mission and organizational structure, GLP will help navigate this new terrain with sensitivity, foresight, and an intimate understanding of your organization’s culture. We’ll give you the honest advice you need to lead, make decisions, and communicate well so your organization thrives.

We’d like to help:

  • Assess your organization’s readiness and capacity for change
  • Build vision through an inclusive process
  • Create the conditions for a successful change initiative
  • Identify opportunities for early wins, so you can build momentum

What People are Saying

We engaged the services of GLP at a unique time in our long history - the Board was to begin undertaking the work of authoring its next relevant strategic vision statement at the same time we were facing planned leadership transition.  Stephanie and Liz helped us organize our own thoughts, not theirs, to determine what was in the best long-term interest of our school and the community that we serve.  They brought clarity to our priorities and guided us in setting the direction of our work for years to come.  It has been our good fortune to work with them—Judi Goodman, President of the Board of Trustees, Germantown Academy