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Often, it is what organizations do not anticipate that becomes the most important puzzle they face. An objective thinker with an intimate understanding of your organization can be an invaluable resource when making critical decisions about people, business development and strategic priorities.

GLP consults so you can see new possibilities, unravel a problem or address uncertainties that are critical to your success. We use a wide range of methods to help you diagnose issues and uncover opportunities. Then we harness our expertise across the not for profit, educational and business sectors to develop recommendations and deliver the honest and objective advice you need to move forward and make great decisions.

Consulting engagements range from comprehensive strategic planning or organizational design efforts to targeted, problem-solving initiatives. We partner with you to forge solutions and execute them effectively, leaving you with a stronger and more capable organization moving forward.

Stephanie Rogen’s work was illuminating, deliberative, and forward thinking.  In her work with faculty, Trustees, administrator, and other groups, she used a variety of approaches and techniques to stimulate ideas to generate strategic thinking and planning.  She has unlimited energy, a far-ranging intellect, and a deep appreciation of current educational trends both at the secondary and undergraduate levels. - Robert Hill, Head of School, The Williston Northampton School