Liz Kornheiser


Liz Kornheiser is our resident millennial!  As Director of Consulting Services at GLP, Liz manages our portfolio of projects, ensuring a consistent and quality experience for all of our clients. An Emmy Award winning producer of ESPN’s highest rated daily sports show, Pardon the Interruption, Liz worked as part of a highly collaborative team and developed and led social media outreach for two programs from 1998-2012. Her work experience informs her thinking on how best to prepare students and adults to lead and thrive in the new, innovation-based, knowledge economy. She left the world of sports production in 2012 to pursue her passion for education and public sector work at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Liz focused her studies on nonprofit management and leadership, receiving her M.Ed. in May of 2013. Liz examined how schools and not for profits operate from a systems perspective, considering the various stakeholders and unique pressures that each organization faces. In May 2014, Liz earned her coaching certification at Columbia University.