Strategic Planning InstituteS


Exciting News

The Strategic PIanning Institute (SPI) was a successful prototype for building and coaching school teams to lead their own strategic design processes  launched in 2017.  Today, we can bring our Institute to your school or to a consortium of schools interested in learning how to do this work! Our book Creating Schools that Thrive is the perfect companion piece.

Call  or email Stephanie Rogen or Sarah Goldin to learn more at 203-570-2717



Design Principles

Professional Development Is Most Powerful When Embedded in the Needs of Your School

As members of your team develop as individual and collaborative leaders, they will bring their new skills and a process for strategic design back to engage your entire community--expanding and modeling the learning for students, faculty, staff and parents. This program is a learning experience that benefits your entire community as it meets the foundational organizational need for strategy design.


A Project-Based Approach to Learning Produces Meaningful Work

Because the course is designed around the delivery of a strategic plan, your school’s team will learn how to lead an inclusive process by actually doing it. Over the course of the program they will work with your entire community to identify and articulate values, vision and the key strategic choices that will help drive performance at your school. The course will culminate with a tangible product for exhibition and critique: a strategic vision and a plan that your team and your community will be ready to communicate and implement.


Collaboration with Other Educators and Schools Increases Creativity, Expands Learning and Fosters Great Outcomes

A carefully selected cohort exposes your team to other school contexts, models and approaches. The sharing of experiences, opportunity for peer critique and feedback, and support in idea generation and problem solving will enrich the work of your school team and develop collaborative relationships that extend beyond the course.

SPI Overview

All schools need to design strategy but often lack the time, resources or expertise to lead a deep and inclusive process. This innovative, year-long program is designed to drive institutional growth and develop high functioning school leadership teams through a combination of deep consultative work, intensive professional development, and collaboration within the SPI cohort.

The SPI cohorts are comprised of carefully selected schools that are diverse with regard to their niche in the market, yet aligned with regard to their needs around strategic planning and commitment to professional learning.

At the culmination of the SPI, your team produces a dynamic strategic plan, highlighting vision and values, along with a multi-year implementation plan.


Institute at a Glance:

  • An initial GLP consultation at your school to create a foundation with your Board and school leadership.

  • Three off-site, two-day sessions of project based learning within a diverse cohort of independent and public schools.

  • Strategic design tools and templates, a carefully curated library of online resources and virtual coaching by GLP faculty.

  • 60+ hours of professional development focused on leadership, change management, strategic design and execution.