Thought leadership

A collection of white papers, templates, exercises, and worksheets to guide your organization’s strategic work.

GLP White Papers


The Adaptive School Board: Governance and Learning in a New Era

- The key governance practices and orientations that prevent boards from performing to their highest potential

- How boards can prepare themselves for the deeper, higher value governance work that drives positive impact in their communities

- A new vision for governance that models deep learning and exemplary leadership

- Substantive recommendations for how boards can reposition themselves to continuously evolve, build their capacities, and improve their educational institutions.


From Financial Sustainability to “Thriveability”

A New Leadership Paradigm



Exercises & Worksheets

The following PDFs are a sampling of the exercises described in detail in our book Creating Schools That Thrive: A Blueprint for Strategy. Please use them to support your strategy work, to supplement the book, and to spark change within your school or organization.  If you'd like more resources and tools from the book, please contact


Core Values

An exercise to surface the enduring principles that are preserved and addressed as you change practices, mission and strategy.


Hopes & Fears

An exercise to explore stakeholder aspirations and concerns about strategy and the design process.

Testing Assumptions

An exercise to challenge long held or untested assumptions about why and how your school works the way it does.


Surface The Driving Questions

An exercise to drive your work effectively by identifying the right questions top pursue.

We've Made The News!

An exercise to spark creativity and describe success as you envision your future state.


"What If" Visioning

An exercise to catalyze innovation, build commitment to change, and foster generative dialogue.

Guides and Templates

Model for a One Page School Strategy

A template for distilling your school’s strategy into a clear and communicable statement.


Tips for Choosing a Great Consultant

A list of criteria to consider.