What We Believe

Greenwich Leadership Partners helps schools and not for profits think strategically about learning and leadership. We integrate consulting, coaching, facilitation and industry expertise so you can tackle your future with confidence.


Leadership is
Learning in Action

Globalization and the acceleration of digital technology are changing how we learn, work, compete, collaborate and develop resources. Sustainable organizations are nimble and adaptive– but how do you stay flexible and keep everyone working together throughout the process? GLP helps you understand, embrace and adjust to change. 

We learn together in context, by doing the work and recalibrating - acknowledging John Dewey’s great insight:
“we learn by reflecting on experience”

Focus on What Matters Most in Leadership

Great leadership relies upon the inventiveness of your questions, awareness of the larger context of your organization, the empowerment of your colleagues to lead with you, and the fidelity to your humanity in times of challenge.

See the World Beyond Your Own
Because we know that creative solutions often exist outside of your current context.

Constantly Develop Leadership in Your Organization
Because you’re only as strong as the team you build and the people you empower.


Face Challenges with Grace and Action
Because successful leaders don’t blink at problems: they define and tackle them.

Start with Questions, Rather than Answers
Because defining the problem correctly is the first step toward a sustainable solution.



 How We Work

GLP knows that every client has a unique story to be discovered. We never come with ready-made solutions; we know that effective leadership and change must be rooted in a deep understanding of your history and values in order to earn your organization’s full commitment from the bottom up.


GLP Areas of Expertise

  • Governance

  • Human Capital Strategy

  • Leadership Transitions

  • Organizational Change

  • Professional Development

The GLP Tool Box

  • Consulting

  • Organizational & Leadership Assessment

  • Executive Coaching

  • Facilitated Meetings & Conversations

  • Strategic Planning

  • Presentations & Workshops



We are excited to announce our new book,
Creating Schools That Thrive.


Creating Schools That Thrive is a comprehensive guidebook for designing strategy and catalyzing change. Since 2010, Stephanie Rogen and her group, Greenwich Leadership Partners, have supported leadership and governance for dozens of independent schools and public school districts, as well as higher educational organizations and education‑based not‑for‑profits. Their process, outlined in this book, addresses exactly what schools want most: how to develop and execute strategy that is dynamic, adaptive, and actualizes a compellingly clear and unique value proposition. With step-by-step guidance, interactive exercises, checklists, project tools, and real-life anecdotes your school will build the capacity to brainstorm the big ideas, make the right choices, and implement them with real metrics to track success.



Modern Learners Podcast
Episode #59

Stephanie Rogen talks about Creating Schools That Thrive


The following PDFs are a sampling of the exercises described in detail in Creating Schools That Thrive: A Blueprint for Strategy. Please use them to support your strategy work, to supplement the book, and to spark change within your school or organization. 


Supplemental PDFs

Tools and resources from Creating Schools That Thrive





GLP-Team_0002_Stephanie Rogen.jpg

Stephanie Rogen

Principal and Founder of Greenwich Leadership Partners LLC (GLP)

Stephanie is a consultant, coach and facilitator to educational and not for profit leadership. Her work integrates more than twenty-five years’ experience in the corporate, educational and not for profit sectors.  Stephanie also brings fresh perspective to the work of leadership and governance, partnering with boards and professional leadership to address transitions, succession planning and personal or organizational development challenges.


Sarah Goldin

Partner and Director of Qualitative Research


Katie Knowlton

Senior Consultant and Director of Programs

GLP-Team_0000_Julie Leeds.jpg

Julie Leeds



Tom Owen

Director of Thought Leadership



GLP has partnered with the following institutions and experts in delivering services and designing and executing our programming with our clients. Through GLP, you’ll have access to a network of thought leaders and independent school practitioners in school and board leadership, deep learning, data collection and institutional performance analysis, facilitation and strategic planning. More about our critical friends...


Laura McBain

K12 Director of Community and Implementation at the Stanford d.school in Palo Alto


Rob Riordan

Co-Founder of High Tech High and President Emeritus of the HTH Graduate School of Education


Kirk Greer

Upper School Division Head at the Latin School of Chicago


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