Watch What Happens When Teachers Innovate

Summer is often a time for serious reflection for educators and never has there been a more complex and exciting time for asking big questions about what school can look like for the 21st century. We are thrilled to participate in the progress that Greenwich High School is making on their project to develop a new school within a school--one that offers a more personalized and interdisciplinary learning model to all students. A talented team of five teachers from the High School, representing different disciplines, has been working since last fall to imagine and design an innovative school experience to engage students in new ways with learning. By spending time collaborating with other educators, visiting different school models (including High Tech High and MIT’s D-Lab), and working closely with each other, they are creating a school from the ground up to fit into Greenwich High School.

Read their blog and see what happens when teacher-leaders are freed to reflect, design and innovate without constraints. Here is a link to their blog “A New School At Greenwich High School” where they are documenting the experience in an honest, informational, and entertaining way. Please check it out, connect with us, and consider what you can be doing to promote this type of great work!